Alexander Kozlov Interiors

Our tailor-made projects across the world are inspired by the studio’s founders, Alexander Kozlov and Anastasia Blagodarnaya, who for over 15 years have been creating impressive interior and architectural designs.

The strong vision of our talented team of architectural draftsmen, visualization specialists and graphic designers creates exceptional interiors that surpass our clients’ expectations. Our unique aesthetic with a deep appreciation of fine craftsmanship, natural fabrics and antiques helps us achieve uncompromising style.

Honored as one of the top Russian design studios by many magazines its interiors grace residential and commercial properties in Moscow, London, Monaco and the French countryside. Award winning interior designs of AK Interiors include projects of hotels, SPA, villas, apartments and family residences.

We strive to maintain luxury interiors with a refined and individual style. Our philosophy aims at creating functional, comfortable and beautiful spaces. We rely on our knowledge of classical and contemporary styles to design outstanding and timeless interiors and buildings all over the world.